While there are all kinds of medications out there that people can use to treat an array of health issues, you'll frequently find that a more natural solution to these problems can be preferable. This is when you'll want to think about whether marijuana use can be something that can make you feel a lot better. While there are a range of benefits that you'll get from using marijuana, you'll also find that there is a chance you'll end up having to be tested fro drug use at one point or another. If this is the case, you'll want to be sure that there is no ability for the test to pick up on your marijuana use.


The main thing to understand about the presence of marijuana in your body is that the ability to detect marijuana will fluctuate based on your own body's metabolism and the type of test that's being taken. For this reason, it can be good to get some sort of an introduction to the different durations that you might be dealing with. If you're trying to get ready for any kind of a drug test and want to ensure that you're going to be registered as clean of drugs, it's going to be important to take a look at the information below. Get more info at this website here!


The first thing that will play a role in whether or not marijuana can be detected in your body will be how quickly your metabolism works. The truth is that those who have a faster metabolism are going to be able to clear weed from their system much more rapidly. If your metabolism is a bit slower, however, you're going to end up having to go longer without using marijuana to be sure that no test will pick up on your use of these materials. Know more at this website!


You'll also have to consider the type of test you're going to be taking. If you'll be dealing with a urine test, you'll typically have to go a few weeks without using marijuana to be sure that you're clean -- especially if you use it regularly. For a saliva test, though, you'll typically be clear in just a day or two.



When you know just how long it's going got take to get marijuana out of your body, you can feel confident heading into any sort of drug test you might be taking. Once you've been able to pass your test, you can go back to improving your health with these substances again. Check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/cannabis-industry/ for more details about weed.


Marijuana, also referred to informally as 'weed,' has been in use for a long time. The drug has been used for recreational purposes. The use of marijuana has been illegal in most countries in the world as a result of some of the negative effects associated with prolonged and heavy use. But there has been a major shift in the recent past with the introduction of medical marijuana. Some positive effects of the drug have been discovered, especially when taken in moderate amounts which have led to its legalization in some countries, albeit for medical purposes only. Many people have had an interest in finding out how long weed stays in the body system before its effects wear off completely. There have been many myths surrounding this particular subject. Marijuana affects people differently depending on more factors. And these factors are the ones that determine how long the drug stays in the system. Some of these factors are considered below.


Weight of the Body

The active ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), spreads throughout the body after being taken. The chemical takes time to be completely broken down and eliminated from the body system. The size of the body and, consequently, the weight of the body determines how fast or slow metabolism takes place. People who have fairly big body sizes normally experience slower metabolism as compared to lean people. This means that THC will stay longer in the body for such people as compared to their leaner counterparts.


Duration of Use

Well, just because you have smoked weed once or twice doesn't mean that it will take forever to clear from your body. There's a difference in the retention period between regular users and those who just smoke it once in a while. It has been found that for those who smoked weed just once, it takes about 2 - 5 days to clear, about 7 - 20 days for those who use it occasionally and between 20 t0 100 days for the frequent and heavy user.


Quantity of the Drug Taken

The quantity of the drug taken in a single session of smoking also determines how long marijuana's effects will last in the body. Larger and heavier doses of the drug definitely implies a longer retention period in the body. Here is also where the potency of the drug is considered as well. The most potent marijuana is normally derived from the seeds of the plant, and this stays longer in the bloodstream, even if only smaller quantities are taken.


State of the Liver


The function of the liver is to detoxify the body by breaking down harmful substances. THC is among those chemicals that end up in the liver for detoxification. A healthy liver means that the chemical will be eliminated faster whereas a liver impaired with disease will either be slow or totally incapable of getting rid of the drug. Be sure to visit this website at http://www.ehow.com/how_6545245_draw-pot-leaf.html for more facts about weed.


If you're like a lot of people these days, you probably use marijuana on a regular basis. There are a lot of reasons why people will choose to use these substances, especially when it comes to things like treating pain, anxiety, and other related issues. It seems as if there is more research coming out all the time about the benefits of occasional marijuana use, and people are going to be able to lead a much better life as a result.


In certain situations, though, you'll need to think about passing a test to prove that you are not a drug user. This can end up being a bit of a challenge, especially if you've been using weed regularly to treat a number of health issue. However, if you can get a good understanding of how quickly weed will leave your body, you're going to find that it becomes a lot easier for you to be able to pass your test. You can use the following article to help you get a sense of how long you should stop using weed if you want to pass a particular test. Learn more at this website!


When it comes to clearing marijuana and weed from your body, it's important to consider your metabolism. If you tend to burn through energy pretty quickly, you can rest assured that you will also be able to clear marijuana from your system just as rapidly. On the other hand, you may have to go longer without marijuana if you're someone who has a very low metabolism. Visit site here!


You'll also need to consider the nature of the test itself to determine how quickly weed will leave your body. For those who are going to take a test of their saliva to determine the presence of marijuana, it often takes fewer than a couple days to be able to clear your system. On the other hand, a urine or a hair test will both be able to test for the presence of weed over a much longer period of time. The type of test you're taking should therefore play a major role in when you choose to stop using marijuana.



There are a number of reasons why you might need to take a marijuana test of some kind. As long as you understand how long it will take for marijuana to leave your body, you should be able to feel confident that you're going to get yourself through your test and back to your normal life. To more tips about weed, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_indica